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          Company profile

          ————————   Integrity first, customer first  ————————

          Shenzhen FNY Tech Co.,ltd & HYD CNC Equipment Limited  --Quality, efficiency, health, and service to customers 

          Shenzhen FNY Tech Co.,ltd & HYD CNC Equipment Limited is a group company engaged in R&D of Numerical control system and smart equipment, with factory in Shenzhen and Wuxi, supplying CNC system, motion control system and smart equipments like Laser equipment, Unmanned aerial vehicles(UAV)&hellip;etc.   see details >>

          At the current time, we have following products series, which are Agricultural drone liquid spraying UAVs, fumigation UAVs, aerial photographing UAVs for agricultural applications, and Logistics UAVs for transportation ; all of these products have passed the examination of CE, RoHS, and FCC and get certificated. Correspondingly, we are able to make customized products for any special purposes from our clients. 60% of our products are being exported to the global market, mainly to N. America, S. America, S. E. Asia, Australia, and other parts of the word; all of these products received good feedbacks from the markets.  

          Product introduction

           Price concessions, excellent products

          Multi-rotor large-load agricultural drone


          The company can be designed and customized according to the needs of users, and is committed to providing customers with excellent products and quality services.

          Agriculture Plant Protection UAV/Drone(equipment and accessory)


          Because we export a large number of drones all the year  round, we have strict control over the parts suppliers. There are two suppliers of flight controllers,three suppliers of motors, two suppliers of chargers, and three suppliers of batteries. These suppliers are all in the field, producing the best quality goods, such as DJI, XAG




            Mastering cutting-edge technology, leading the trend of technology   

          Production base

          Transparent factory, full monitoring, traceable


          Drone production line


          Brushless motor production line


          Charger production line


          Lithium battery  production line


          Carbon fiber production line

          ————Strategic Partners————


          Contact us

          Add:No.1602,Building 3, COFCO Park, Intersection of Liuxian 2nd Road and Honglangbei 2nd Road, Xinan Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, 




          Direct Line





          E-mail: hydcnc13@126.com


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          Shenzhen FNY Tech Co.,ltd & HYD CNC Equipment Limited


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